Long Term Care Insurance


Do I need Long Term Care Insurance?

Individuals, couples, and businesses spend much time accumulating wealth over the years.  In the event someone were to need Long Term Care, it could create a large monthly bill for care. If a private LTC policy exists it could provide a benefit that helps avoid drawing down other savings.

Can anyone get Long Term Care Insurance?

No, anyone can apply but underwriting and approval is required to obtain coverage.  

What is the process to apply?

The process to obtain a LTC policy is pretty simple. 

1. Fill out application

2. Take required exam

3. Provide required medical records

4. Choose to accept terms if offered by Insurance Company.

How can Clark Wealth Managment Help?

Steven and Jonathan can help narrow down carriers based on your age, medications, and medical history.  They can also help clients understand the difference between traditional LTC and Life Based LTC.