Market Updates

There are many opinions on the flow of the market. Email and social media is flooded with information. If we find an interesting article, commentary, or blog, we will post it here.

Wealth Management Services


Where are my funds held?

Our Investment Services are held and serviced by TD Ameritrade Institutional.

Who chooses my investments?

Steven and Jonathan always start with a risk questionnaire.  Once completed they walk clients through a menu of choices. Once invested accounts will be managed to the terms of the standing Investment Policy Statement.

How do I withdrawal money if needed?

Checkbooks are available for accounts at TD Ameritrade.  Withdrawals can also be completed by filling out forms manually.  

Will Clark Wealth Management evaluate my current account?

Yes, Steve and Jonathan will have a Morningstar Report created to give some guidance on your current holdings. There is no charge for this service.

How does Clark Wealth Management get paid?

Clark Wealth Management does not charge a hourly rate.  They are a wrap fee based advisors.  This is dictated by their IPS(Investment Policy Statement).  

How do we set up an appointment?

Appointments can be scheduled by calling the office at 216-521-2201 or by filling out the form on this website.